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Lauzon, Jani Lauzon, Jani
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Mixed Blessings Mixed Blessings
Price: $16.99 CDN (apx.$16.14 US)
Product#: RR0117
UPC: 777320136022
Produced by
Recorded at
Mastered at
Manufactured by
2007 Lauzon, Jani
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Thirst Thirst
Price: $16.99 CDN (apx.$16.14 US)
Product#: RR0115
UPC: 778467728644
Produced by Gary Taylor
Recorded at Lydian Sound
Mastered at Lydian Sound
Manufactured by Accudub
1998 Lauzon, Jani
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Song Listing
1. Wishing
2. Women Weep
3. Isn't It Funny
4. Lay Your Ego Down
5. Real Rez Blues
6. If I Could Paint
7. Ave Maria
8. Coming Back At You
9. Every Proud Step
10. Such A Crime
11. Beyond Reason
12. Peace And Quiet
13. Courage Song
Technical Credits
Produced by Gary Taylor

Recorded by John Bailey
Assisted by Andy Bruce at Lydian Sound, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Additional recording by Gary Taylor at Taylor 451 Studios, Toronto, Ontario

Mixed / Mastered at Lydian Sound by Gary Taylor and John Bailey
Assisted by Andy Bruce and Jani Lauzon

Photography by Andrew MacNaughtan
Hair & Make up by Jenni Clark
Water Photography by Arthur Renwick
Photograph behind disc by Peter Morneau

Grand Piano technician - Wayne Ferguson
Prepared piano - Diane Heatherington and Tom Griffiths, Sr.
John Bailey - Percussion
Kevin Breit - Guitar, national, mandolin, ambient guitar treatments
Norm Brown - Keyboard treatments
Jim Casson - Drums, percussion
Evelyne Datl - Grand piano, prepared piano, accordion
Ian Desousa - Bass
Matthew Shawn Fleming - Percussion
Tom Griffiths - Bass
Rob Gusevs - Rhodes / organ, keyboard treatments
Susan HooKong - Back vox
Jani Lauzon - Vox, chants, flute, grandfather drum, hand drum, drum sequencing
John Mays - Back vox
Oliver Schroer - Violin, freak fiddle
Shandra Spears - Chants, breaths
Jay Speziale - Back vox
Gary Taylor - Drums, percussion, ambient treatments
John Tilden - Guitars
Liz Tilden - Back vox
Brent Titcomb - Grandfather drum, back vox
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