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Lauzon, Jani Lauzon, Jani
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Singer songwriter Jani Lauzon grew up in British Columbia's East Koootenays where she inherited the cultural wealth of her parent's Metis and Scandinavian ancestries. Her abundant creativity was norished by both her bilogical and foster families. Her Father was a pianist and painter and her Mother a doll maker and mathematician. When her parents separated and her Mother passed away Jani moved in with foster parents. Both teachers and artistically inclines, they nourished Jani's propensity for drama and music. Jani considers herself incredibly fortunate to have had two creative families who encouraged her to express her spitituality and passion for life and nature through music and theatre.

With a vocal style inspired by Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, Jani's songs are never-the-less firmly based in roots, blues and Native Canadaian musical traditions. Audiences and critics are cinsistently awed by the pwer of her sage presence and by her astonishing vocal range. She has been heralded as the successor to Buffy Sainte-marie and Susan Aglukark.

Jani is a three time JUNO nominne, twice for ther two solo ablums BLUE VOICE NEW VOICE and THIRST (both on Ra Records) and for her contivution to the compilation HEARTS OF THE NATIONS (Sweetgrass). As a vocalist, Jani has appeared at the Vancouver Folk Festival, the Du Maurier Jazz Festival in Toronto, Montreal's Black and Blues Festival, Summerfolk (Owen Sound) Wabanakii Festival ( New Brunswick), Tom Jackson's Huron Carol and on the nationally televised Aboriginal Achievement Awards. She has lent her voice to countless fil, television and theatre soundtracks and appears on numerous comilations. As an actor, Jani was nominated for the presigious DORA MAVOR MOORE AWARD for Best Female Actress for her role as Raven in the Young People's Theatre production "Whale". Television guest appeatances include Destiny Ridge, and Conspiaracy of Silence. In puppetry, Jani plays Grannie on the Mr. Dress-Up show and also enjoys her role as Pa Foley on the award winning "Big Comfy Couch"

Jani lives in Toronto with her partner, artist and songwriter Arthur Renwick, and their baby daughter Tara.
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