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Name: john munro
post date: 2/1/2011 10:19:27 PM
Hey Monica,
You gave me your business card a couple yrs back for pre-paid legal services at a craft show. I'm glad you are doing what makes you happy:) Your voice is really good, keep it up clan sister!

Name: victor garcia
post date: 1/5/2011 5:30:23 PM
you stopped by the house last night - enjoyed the chat. As promised I downloaded off itunes last night.  love your music - look forward to next cd.


Name: Sarah
post date: 1/4/2011 11:24:21 AM
You came to my door last night to sell your CD. I came online first this morning to take a listen and love your sound. I find your dedication to your music very  inspiring. You have to really believe in what your doing to take the time to walk house to house to spread the joy of your talent. I will be purchasing some of your music on iTunes and wish you all the best in your hunt for platinum!

Name: Ken
post date: 12/5/2010 10:19:43 PM
Love the Fever version, the rest of the sample songs are not my musical choice. That said I appreciate the vocals, all the best for Christmas and your 2011, I admire your drive Thank you for knocking on our door
Now a Jazz record would utilize the sultry looks and voice...

Name: Pamela Holland
post date: 11/18/2010 10:46:47 PM
What a great CD lady.  It's been years since I have heard you sing in person, but listening brought back wonderful memories of our time in Edmonton.  Miss ya and Congratulation.  Much love always.

Name: Michelle St john
post date: 11/17/2010 12:28:38 PM
Hi Monica
I purchased your CD when you came to my house. I absolutely love it - Looking forward to hearing you live somewhere!!!
Email me and I will give you the contact for one of my family members who's also in the music business. We had spoken about that.  Good luck on your musical journey

Name: Mark from Trailblazers
post date: 11/15/2010 5:07:29 PM
Hey Monica,
It was good meeting you today. Your entrepreneurial spirit will definately bring you success!!

Name: Michelle Edgar
post date: 11/6/2010 2:23:31 PM
Monica, Thank you for stopping at my house last night! Cheryl and I enjoyed your Beautiful voice and music!! You will make it Platinum, because you have a DREAM and are intentional. I Admire you! I will do all I can to spread the word. I am looking forward to see you on Friday. An Inspired Fan!! Michelle

Name: Farhana
post date: 9/7/2010 11:58:39 PM
You have the most amazing voice. You really are a gift to all. Heather and I are coming to see you at your next appearance. Thank you for sharing you.

Name: heather
post date: 9/3/2010 1:43:34 PM
your story, that you are living your dream is soooo inspiring. thank you for sharing so deeply.  your al*** is beautiful and you have a beautiful voice.  let me know when you play calgary,canmore, next! xo heather

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