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Our plan is called CANCON Pro, for progressive.

We are proposing that CANCON remains at today's CRTC's target level of 40% and that radio stations receive incentives, called CANCON CREDITS, for promoting Canadian artist development.
When a radio station plays a Canadian International Artist, like Alanis Morissette or Celine Dion for example, they will be credited for playing 0.75 CANCON song.  This credit is slightly reduced from its current value of 1.

• When a radio station plays a Canadian Established Artist, like Blue Rodeo or The Tragically Hip, they will be credited for playing 1.00 CANCON songEstablished artists will remain at today's standard CANCON credit.

• When a radio station plays a Canadian National Artist, like Kathleen Edwards or The Arcade Fire, that are signed but have yet to make lasting impression on the Canadian public, that station will be credited with playing 1.25 CANCON song.

• When a radio station plays a Canadian Developing Artist, otherwise known as unsigned or independent, that station would be credited with playing 1.50 CANCON song.

If CANCON Pro is to be successful, it will require clear definitions and designations for all Canadian artists.  Here is how we propose to define it:

International Artists are known to all of us.  We are suggesting a formula based on international radio play.  Once an artist has reached a fairly high level of international success on radio, and that success has resulted in heavy Canadian radio play, they will be designated as an International Artist.  We are currently doing a research study that will lead to our final formula.  We can say this; we are setting this bar very high so that there is no doubt whatsoever when an artist reaches this level.

Established Artists are artists not reaching International Artist designation, but with household name status in Canada.  Our ongoing study is focusing entirely on Canadian radio spins.  Once an artist reaches a certain level of commercial radio Canadian spins, they will be considered established.

National Artists are artists not reaching International Artist or Established Artist designations, but having National distribution with a FACTOR Recognized Distributor.  If an artist is signed to a distributor certified by FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record), they automatically qualify for larger grants and loans.  The entire Canadian music industry and the government of Canada already recognizes FACTOR's Recognized Distributor list as the defining line between National Artists and Developing Artists, so we will as well.

Developing Artists are artists not qualifying for any of the above. 

Nothing at all.  MAPL is a recognized standard that will still be required to define what qualifies as Canadian.  Remember, all music qualifying for CANCON CREDITS will need to first pass the MAPL test.

To find out more about MAPL, click here.
CANCON Pro will arm radio station music directors with legitimate business cases for adding developing Canadian artists. In today's environment, when music programmers must choose between the "safe bet" international star and the "risky" established, national or developing artist, with both songs meeting CANCON / MAPL requirements and both considered excellent songs, there is simply no incentive for choosing the lesser known artist.

Our proposal will level the playing field and stir more debate during programming meetings. This proposal will encourage bolder decision-making and ultimately more Canadian artist development.

Everyone will win.

Developing Artists, especially local ones, will receive more attention and opportunity to receive more local radio play.  This will help create a strong minor league system for record company scouts.

National Artists will benefit from an improved CANCON system as they continue to build their success stories.  They will receive the extra push they need as they try to become an Established Artist.

Established Artists will hold steady with standard CANCON credit and will continue to benefit from Canada-wide name recognition and established careers. 

International Artists will continue to receive lots of airplay in Canada, will still sell out concerts and make millions of dollars.  They will be nearly unaffected by these changes.

Radio Stations will return to the business of breaking bands and could potentially return to its glorious past as an exciting medium.  Radio will enhance its role as a friend and partner to the music business, including independents.

Radio Listeners will hear a broader array of Canadian music and less repetition.

Record Companies will benefit from a stronger "minor-league system" that introduces them to up and coming Canadian talent.  Cancon Pro should help reduce their risk.

The plan may be simple, but it has the potential of having a lasting positive impact on the entire Canadian music industry.  We believe the implementation of this proposal will be a major turning point in the history of Canadian music.

It will only happen with your support.

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