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Biographical Note excerpt from Molasses Bread & Tea

Newfoundland writer John Christopher, singer, songwriter, marine biologist sits down to 'Molasses Bread and Tea', his anecdotal account of growing up in St. John's, and experiences of life in NFLD outports in the 30's and 40's. The rugged beauty, hardships and war peril of this era are movingly conveyed. The author's travels then take us to the Canadian North and he details interesting encounters with beluga whales, seals, bears and other wildlife, on the tundra, in the company of Inuit friends. He also documents a gruesome season spent on a seal hunt on board a Norwegian sealer when he's called upon to act as ship's doctor in addition to his observational and collecting work for the Canadian Fisheries Research Board. Some of his memories are evoked in a selection of photos and these, along with his own lyrics, honour the spirit of the time.

Mr. Christopher offers a textural account of life and work among the recently resettled Inuit people of Whale Cove, Hudson Bay 1962, where he was studying beluga whale population dynamics. He also gives a carefully balanced tale of life aboard a Norwegian/ Canadian seal hunter, the M.V. Theron, as it pursues its grim work among the ice floes off Labrador and Newfoundland.

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